I’m officially an insomniac that wears leggings.  This can only mean one thing: I’m officially my mother.  I’ve been expecting this to happen, I just thought it would happen once I had kids.  I guess the earlier the you turn the longer you have to get used to it.  Mom-I’m joking (because I know she’s going to read this).  My mother is amazing; she just happens to wear leggings and never sleep. 

Ah leggings.  I held out for so long, but now that so much time is spent on my couch the more comfortably I can contort into cross-legged position the happier I am.  This makes leggings optimal couch sitting attire.  Have I mentioned that sometimes my butt feels “sore” from lack of use.  Perhaps I need one of those treadmills with a desk on them.  I wonder if I could write that off in my taxes?

Thank you so much for your really great perspectives on birth control  I really love hearing what other people do/think about stuff like that.  It’s such a personal choice, yet there are so many interesting perspectives on it that it’s really nice to hear/read other peoples experiences.  An IUD is something I’ll talk to my gyno about, but I think she may be hesitant since I’m never “squeezed one out.”  I’m not entirely sure that I want children, but if I do, then I’d like to not tinker around down there with sharp copper objects if they may be harmful.

Kat: There are few answers to your question that will allow me not to sound totally gross.  That being said I will say that I have a shit-ton of exercise clothing. It’s an addiction really. I will admit that I wear my bottoms a few times in one week-I just air them out after each use.  Also,  I sometimes wear my sports bra into the shower with me, rinse it out and let it dry after a workout that way the next day it’s all clean and ready for a re-wear, I read that tip on fitsugar a while back. 
As for the hair, dry shampoo is a lifesaver!  Let’s just say this stuff has saved many a blowout.  You just spray it in your hair, it absorbs all the crap and you brush it out and wowee your hair is clean (or at least clean enough.)  I happen to have super thick and kind of dry hair so really washing my hair everyday would result in  something that resembles something a cat spit up.



Minestrone soup
Mini whole wheat bagel w/hummus
1% milk

Late Night Snack


Sleepytime Tea (it is not making for sleepy time)