My neck and shoulders are so sore from Bikram.  I’m fine with the shoulders but I’m never okay with neck soreness.  To me it reads that I’m doing something  wrong.  I mean, I’m sure I’m doing a lot wrong, I pretty much look like a Quasimodo auditioning for the cheerleading squad when I go anywhere near a yoga mat.  I can fake grace fairly well in day-to-day life, but the combo of lunges, spandex and drill sergeant like stretching instructors pretty much robs me of my facade. 

Today is spin class and strength training.  I may even do a few minutes on the treadclimber which is evil, but when I was training for that staircllimb last year gave me the illusion of a perfect budunkadunk.  Other than that it’s writing as usual, oh and I get to go to a breakfast for dinner event for food writers (I think it’s hosted by Eggland’s Best-consider this my one and only plug).  It couldn’t have come at a better time.  My fridge is starting to get that “It’s been two weeks since I did a full shop” look about it.

Speaking of eggs, here’s breakfast for breakfast:



3 egg white omelet w/1/2 an avocado and tomato
Whole grain toast