I’ve been debating whether or not to go off the pill for a while now.  I really like the pill I’m on, I finally found one that doesn’t make me insane or feel like I’m going to bleed to death all the time.  This is sort of monumental; it took a long time, and a lot of bad pills to get here.  I’m sort of interested in letting my body find it’s natural rhythms again, and there was this whole story in the news today about how the pill can interfere with lean muscle mass development.  Not that I’m obsessed with muscle, but heck, I work out a lot, I’d like some proof for the pudding.  The flip side of all this is that a) I’m pretty sure the pill keeps my boobs from disappearing, especially at times when I run a lot, and b)I’m friggin’ paranoid about getting pregnant.  Not that I’m having sex right now, nor do I expect to anytime in the relative future, but if at some point in my life I get it on again, I’d rather just already know that there’s more than a thin layer of latex between me and harrowing life choices. 

So, not that I can expect anyone else to make these decisions for me, I’m pretty sure I’ll struggle with this decision for at least another month or two, but what do you all think about oral contraception in regard to body, hormones, muscle mass, pheromones, cycle-regulation?

Now that you all know more about my pregnancy paranoia than you’d like to it’s time for pictures of lunch!  Oh, and I ran 30-minutes before lunch.  I’m saving strength training for tomorrow.



Lite Cheddar Cheese Stick



3oz. Salmon Fillet
String Beans
Red potatoes w/1 tsp. butter, salt & pepper