Can we talk about my new girl crush for a minute?
Great.  She’s pretty, and nice (at least I imagine so), and she’s got a super toned body but still looks like she eats things, and she does exercise on film and you can do them at home in your living room.  Her name is Hemalayaa and I’m hoping that we can be BFFs.

I’ve reviewed a few of Hemalayaa’s videos, and although sometimes I’ve had mixed feelings on editing or content, I’ve always really liked her.  I think part of that is that I really like that she looks like she has an attainable body and that she doesn’t seem to take exercise all that seriously.  I do a lot of exercise videos and sometimes it feels sort of absurd how serious instructors seem-I mean working out should be fun. 

I’ve mentioned a bajillion times that I’m not a huge yoga fan, although, honestly the last two videos I’ve done maybe changing that. I really liked Yoga for Everyone because it’s not typical yoga.  There are no traditional vinyasas, at least no ones I’ve ever done before, and there’s a lot more warming up into poses.  Hemalayaa really spends most of the video warming up your joints, which actually makes the few traditional moves you do a lot easier and a lot deeper. 

There’s a lot more moving than I would say I’m used to in yoga, a lot of rolling of hips and shoulders and wrists, which makes the video a lot more active, a lot more dance like for lack of a better term.  It’s definitely not the kind of video that I think someone who has a strong passion for yoga would enjoy.  But for someone like me, who sees yoga more as a slow painful chore to undergo, it actually kind of works.  I really enjoyed this one.  Even the voice over instruction didn’t bother me-and we all know that drives me crazy.

The DVD comes with 2-20 practices.  You can do both at once for a longer practice, but honestly I don’t really see a need.  They really do seem like they’re meant to be done individually and after 20-minutes I really did feel more open and stretched and totally energized (which never happens with me and yoga.) 

The negative of this one is that it anticipates that you just happen to have 3 yoga blankets laying around awaiting folding and placement.  You can use towels, but still be prepared.

A preview of the video is available on Amazon and if you’re a Netflixer, it is available for rental.