Sorry for the late update.  I woke up this morning to finally do that exercise DVD I had been procrastinating on, then I figured I’d better pump the review out before I forgot everything.  I wrote my review for Social Workout, and will write something up here about it sometime today.  It was a really good yoga DVD, and I hate yoga.  I’ll explain later…

I think the combination of yoga and coffee is making me a little hyper.

Last week sometime my friend gchatted me and said she wanted to watch Single White Female  with me.  I thought that this could be taken somewhat strangely, but we’ve got plans to watch the movie tonight.  Perhaps she’ll start stalking me, perhaps she wants to move back in with me (she was a roommate of mine for a brief point in history), perhaps she’s commenting on the fact that I am indeed single, white and female. Anyhoo, that’s on the docket for tonight once I sort through the days writing responsibilities.

I’m off to shower, because cleanliness is next to godliness and I’ve always aspired to be a god.



Shredded Wheat with strawberries and 1% milk