Alright, I decided that instead of complaining on the internet about my working woes I would do something proactive.  Unfortunately, proactive in this case means bailing on my mom.  I’ll still see her tomorrow, but I’m not going to Long Island for the weekend.  I have too much on my plate right now, and if I’m going to make an honest effort to catch up with work and establish a real working schedule I need to buckle down and do it.  So, that’s that.  No more complaining, just working to make the situation seem more manageable.

Having said that, I met up with a friend for lunch, who I haven’t seen for a year.  I thought it was less than that, but when we counted backward we realized it had been way, way too long.  We used to work together, but we’ve both made dramatic shifts in our career paths.  I loved catching up with her, and hearing about her new life and her kids (who are quite possibly the most well mannered teenage boys I’ve ever met).

Afterward, I went home and did some work, and made a late dinner.  I’ve been craving veggies, so I decided to just eat some vegetables.  There was a bit too much oil, I must say.  I combined some olive oil, fresh chives from my garden and salt and tossed with some red potatoes, but the oil ran into the veggies and it mad the veggies taste a bit too greasy, still good, but greasy.



1 slice of white pizza
(My tummy did not like this, I got all sorts of cramps afterward.  But, it tasted great!)



Potatoes with chives and olive oil
Zucchini, onion, orange and yellow peppers tossed with thyme