Ahh, it’s late and I’m home, and I’m working.  My class was good, but I realize the more classes I take the more work I have to do and sometimes it feels like an insurmountable mountain I’m climbing.  My March resolution was to work on structuring my work day better and I really do need to make that a priority, and part of that prioritization needs to be time put aside for book writing.  And working out.  I’m having a harder time scheduling my workouts now that I run my own show,  I think because I can always say that I’ll do it later.  I think there needs to be a specific hour-and-a-half a day that I set aside for the gym, and always the gym and nothing but the gym, unless of course it’s a day off from the gym. 

Okay, that was sort of me ranting, because well, it’s late and there’s no one else for me to vent frustration to right now and therefore the world at large can read my neurosis spewing onto the Internet.  Done now.

Today was my mom’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!  My dad and I bought her an urban rebounder for her birthday.  I’m excited for her (and secretly excited that I may get to use it when I visit them).  She was all sorts of adorable; she took picture of her birthday dinner that my dad took her out for so that I could feel like I was there with them.  My food picture taking is contagious!



Greek salad w/Chicken: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, feta, kalamata olives, grilled chicken, oil & vinegar

Late night snack


Low-fat vanilla latte
2 graham crackers ( I think I’ve officially given up being K for P)