I just want to say that I loved all of your comments from last week about your preferences of whether to work out either inside or out.  Thanks for all of your input.  For all of you outdoor exercisers, thanks for reminding me of all the great things about getting physical in the great outdoors.  And to all of you indoor folk, like me, it’s nice to hear I’m not the only one with a preference for gyms and videos.

I’m heading back to class tonight. I’m taking a book proposal writing class so that I’ll be fully “in the know” on how to sell this book of mine.  The class ends in June and I’m hoping that I can sell my book by September. That’s my timeline and I’m sticking to it.  In the hours between waking and getting classy (hehe, that was a pun, see…) I’ve got a working date with a friend at a cafe during the day.  I’ll probably leave around 3 to hit the gym before class; that is depending, of course, on how much work I can pump out in the next five hours.



Here is where pictures are deceiving.  I fully intended to eat that yogurt, but it tasted funny so I threw it out.
So my real breakfast was a bowl of berries.