“Somali women flock to shore in hopes of marrying a pirate.”

True headline.  Reading little things like that just make me laugh and make me all around happy to be alive.  The world, from an objective standpoint is quite hilarious.  It’s just when you have to look at it close up that it’s all sorts of messy and hard.  Speaking of messy, I had a lot to drink last night.  Or at least it felt like a lot because it’s Passover and I generally feel like I don’t eat enough during Passover (because there’s nothing to eat!)  So, I forgot to post dinner when I got home, and I slept a bit later this morning since I got home late and now I need to get some work done pronto. 

Oh, and a good Good Friday and Easter to ya’ll.  I hate that Easter and Passover fall in the same week, that means I have to wait to eat all the Easter candy I get.  Boo.  Times when having an interfaith family means compromise.

So now I will make a mad dash for responsibilities, and leave you with this:

Dinner 4.9.09


Greek salad w/chicken

Breakfast 4.10.09


Egg white omelet w/spinach, feta and tomato