Here’s a question for you:

Do you prefer to workout outside or at the gym?

I ask because my spin class this afternoon was noticeably less full than usual, and it just happens to be an absolutely gorgeous day out.  My thought was that most people must be moving their workouts outside now that the weather is finally a bit nicer (fingers crossed that I didn’t just jinx that; it snowed yesterday).  As I was busting my butt on the bike, my mind wandered to the idea of working out outside.  I love being outside, but I very rarely think of the stuff I do outside as working out.  If I’m hiking, I’m hiking; if I’m walking, I’m walking.   And, well let’s just say that pavement and running don’t coexist peacefully in my vocabularly.  I never really consider any activity that I do outside exercise.  I actually prefer to be at the gym to workout, even in the summer when the weather is nice.  I like compartmentalization, I think. Everything in its place (I’m a total type A) and the place for getting my fitness on is the gym.  I sort of wish I were better at expanding that idea, but I think that it’s something I’ll just have to accept about myself.  I’m curious about you all though: when the weather gets nice do you move your regime to the world at large, or are you a gym rat like me?

I may have a fruit problem, or a laziness problem.  I was starving when I got back from the gym so I just wanted to make something quick and easy and since what seemed like the least effort for lunch was fruit, a fruit salad it was.  Then I figured I should probably get some protein in there somewhere and, well, my lunch ended up looking like something from the Diet Foods  section of every Greek Diner menu ever.



Fruit salad w/strawberries, blackberries, tangerine and apple
1% Cottage Cheese