I wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to eat as much leavened food as possible today 🙂

My day took a more pleasant turn when I got a text from my blogging-buddy Sarah and met up with her for some coffee and writing.  I think it’s the being at home alone all day part of self-employment I find most frustrating.  I recently did a ton of research on introverts and extroverts and what I learned was that it’s not about being shy or being outgoing; introversion and extroversion come from where we garner our energy.  Extroverts feel energized by being around people, and they think more clearly when they’re interacting.  Introverts need alone time to recharge and find “being on” draining.  I think in that sense I’m very much an extrovert. I feel like being around people helps me function better.  Our little blogger meetings really help me feel like a real person.  That being said I did a little prep work for tomorrow while we were out.  Unfortunately, Sarah and I tend to talk each other out of the gym. We did however talk one another into doing Yoga DVDs, so that’s what my workout for today was.  It was an hour’s worth of yoga, and now I feel all stretchy and relaxed.  I’ll be reviewing the DVD later this week. I’ll keep you updated on that.

Dinner was all about the carbs. 



Simple salad of lettuce, tomato and avocado & oil & vinegar
Whole wheat spaghetti (I always feel like spaghetti is more fun to eat!),
topped with chopped spinach, shrimp and marinara sauce