I went to bed thinking, “I need to Netflix Get Smart.”  I’d like to make you all think that there were more pressing matters on my mind, but really, no, not so much. 

I’m feeling a bit stressed these days. The fact is that I have no idea what to write today.  Some days are easier than others in coming up with witty, newsworthy blogs to share with the radio listening masses.  Today isn’t one of them, but it’s still early-there still may be craziness in the world to blog on.  I need to not only get done today’s work, but get a head start on my work for tomorrow since I won’t be home.  So, if you hear of anything mildly entertaining in the news today, let me know!

Today, at somepoint I’ll be leaving the house to hit the gym for a run and strength training and to go grocery shopping.  I need to stock up on un-leven food.  In the meantime I plan on eating as much bread as possible.  I need to stock up!



Whole Grain PB & J (1 Tbsp Organic Peanut Butter, 1 Tbsp Organic Strawberry Preserves)
Echinacea Tea