I’m pretty sure this weekend was an experiment in how much crap I could eat.  And yet, I still haven’t eaten one of my beloved Cadbury Eggs. I want to savor them.  I’m sort of glad to be back to my real life and my real eating habits this morning.  Indulging is fun, but can feel kind of gross after a while.

BTW, I’ve seen more movies in the last week than I have in the whole year.  I highly recommend The Haunting in Connecticut.  It was a pretty well done horror movie.  Afterward my friend and I looked up the story it was based on and let’s just say that “loosely” doesn’t begin to describe the connection; but all-in-all it’s good for some jumping-out-of-your-skin times.  If you’re into that sort of thing.

I had to rethink my entire upbringing at one point this weekend. While driving through my hometown my best friend and I saw this:


I had no idea live bait was in such short supply in my hometown.  So, if you’ve ever had a live bait emergency and there were no bait stores open-no worries, there’s such a thing as a Live Bait Vending Machine.  I didn’t get close enough to see what the choices on the buttons were, but, uhh, I think I got the gist. 

Now that I’ll never be hungry again, both from the amount of food I ate this weekend and the realization that bait is available to me at any hour day or night, it’s time to get on with my life.  Today is a grand experiment in multi-tasking.  I’ll be at a friend’s production company all day helping them run auditions for their upcoming film.  In between auditionees I have to get my writing in for the day.  Afterward I have tentative plans for drinks with some girlfriends I haven’t seen in too many months.  So, it’s a busy day.  If drinks don’t happen then I’ll probably hit the gym tonight for a run.



Whole wheat English muffin w/Strawberry preserves
Green Tea