Thunder storms make me think of disco.  Specifically because of that song: Thunder, Lightning, the way you love me is frightening. You better, knock, knock, knock on wood.  Yeah, obviously there’s not much going on in the inner workings of my somewhat cathartic brain.  There’s crazy thunder here right now, like house-shaking thunder.  It felt like an earthquake.  I’ve always really liked storms. Well, I like them when I’m inside and they’re outside; being caught in storms is not particularly entertaining to me. 

Nuggets of wisdom for bathing suit fitting; that time of year is coming more and more rapidly.  I’m not feeling like I’m in quite as good of shape as I was last summer, but that could be totally internal.  Last year as summer approached I’d just come off months of training for a stair climb race.  My ass was awesome!  Hmm, perhaps it’s time to hit up that treadclimber again, that evil, evil treadclimber.

Back to work for me, but here’s lunch:



Chicken and cauliflower.

I’ve been eating a lot more meat lately, perhaps that’s why I’m feeling a bit off these days.  I definitely feel my body working better when I keep meat to a minimum.  I think everyone’s body responds differently to different foods, and meat tends to make me feel slow and bloated.  I think it may be time to go backward in my blog a few months and re-look at my eating habits.