First of all I would like to announce that I found Cadbury Cream eggs but I haven’t had any yet.  I think I’ll keep them for those times when I really need something that is made of chocolate and some unidentified cream filling, but coincidentally looks like an egg.  You guys have those moments right?

So, mission accomplished, cadbury product aquired, teeth are filled and I had an great day just chilling with my dad.

This is my dad…


I think he’s quite a dapper fellow. 

We went went out to dinner at Applebees (yeah, I don’t do that often) and went to a movie.  We saw Taken which is pretty much a good dad-daughter day type of movie since the daughter (who just happened to be named Kim) is kidnapped and her dad kicks some serious ass to save her.  It was sweet.  My dad doesn’t get much time off (apparently I got my workaholic tendencies from him), so it was good to just  see him chillax.

Lara: I have no idea what the secret is.  I wish I could give people solid advice, but honestly I can’t count the number of times I fall asleep in makeup or go a day without washing my face.  I think everyone gets one thing that they just sort of luck out with.  Some people are strong, some have great hair, some are awesome at math, I happen to have good skin.  My mom and aunt both have poreless skin, as did my grandmother when she was alive. 

Kat: Sounds kinda hypocritical of me, huh?  I’m not really a religious person so the idealogy behind keeping kosher day to day isn’t so much my cup of tea.  Also, from a historical standpoint, I tend to believe that the laws of kosher eating came from a need for safety in eating practices not so much from a religious standpoint and those sorts of safety precautions aren’t necessary at this time.  There’s actually a pretty good chapter on this in Food in History by Reay Tannahill.  Having said that, I do believe in tradition, I think there’s something sort of beautiful about rituals that have been followed for thousands of years.  So, I keep Passover because I like the idea  of it’s traditional significance.  I also like to think of it as a dietary challenge-I tend to feel all sorts of clean and healthy afterward.

Here’s the food breakdown for the day:



Vegetable Soup



Dove Truffle Egg
I asked my dad if he had any Cadbury Cream Eggs (seriously it’s an obsession at this point) he said no, but he had some of these.  Also good, but not quite as freakishly amazing.



Asian Chicken Salad-I subbed in grilled chicken for fried
This was huge. I ate about half.