I’m getting a filling today!  Yaaay.  I’m trying to seem optimistic.  I’ve never hated the dentist like some people have, but it’s certainly not exactly my favorite daytime activity.  The sweet air is worth it sometimes.

After the dentist I’m spending some bonding time with my dad.  We may hit up a movie and grab some dinner.  My dad works 7 days a week, so I hardly get to see him these days.  He’s taking a half day today so it’s time for some family bonding.

Last night my friend and I went to one of my favorite local restaurants, it’s restaurant week in Brooklyn and they were offering two three-course meals for $23.  Honestly I wasn’t hungry enough to eat all the food, but I tasted everything.  Especially the dessert, it was really good.

Dinner 4.1.09


Me waiting for foodie goodness


Appetizer: Cheese & Corn quesadilla (I picked out the corn)


Main Course: Carne Asada Tacos


Dessert: Baked pears in pastry dough fried with strawberry topping and vanilla ice cream

And now it’s time for today, thus far, which will be a bit healthier than my adventures in eating yesterday…



Annie’s Cinnabunnies cereal w/banana and 1% milk
Coffee w/splenda and 2 Tbsp of half & half