I just got back from my first session with the nutritionist.  I like her, she’s sweet, and her school of nutritional training is that no one diet works for everyone, and that it’s just as important to nourish the non-eating parts of your body, your personal life, your spiritual life, your work life, your romantic life, which are all things I agree with-yet struggle with the balance of (I’m a bit heavy on the work life section-I must say).  She also seemed excited that I worked in the nutrition and fitness realm and that I already had a pretty solid concept of nutrition.  I told her my main goal is to eat for maximum energy.  So, my “assignment” for the next two weeks is to just take stock of how I feel after I eat certain things and when I eat them.  Then in coming weeks we’ll see how to adapt that to work toward my goal.  Also, the session was at this very interesting fitness studio, so I may check out their classes and write about them later.

My day actually came together nicely I must say.  I finished all my work related writing pretty early in the day, which is the first time I’ve completed my minimum requirement.  I feel like I may finally start be getting the hang of this (or, this was just a really good day).  It ended up being too cloudy for picture taking, which honestly was just fine by me.   So being pretty was one less thing I needed to worry about today. Methinks there will be much picture taking in my future.

I broke out the Indian food from last night for lunch.  My eyes were a bit bigger than my stomach, I couldn’t quite eat as much as I served myself-it just all looked so good!



I have no idea, but it was all really good