Dave has finally finished gardening which means in the weeks to come there may be scrumptious herbs, fruits and veggies growing in my backyard.  To my surprise there were chives growing out there, as was there sage.  Who knew?  Apparently I can’t kill plants if I don’t know they’re there.  My only responsibility at this point is to water this fledgling vegetation.  Honestly, I don’t even trust myself to do that, but, err, I’m a strong independent woman.  I can use a hose. Hopefully.

Kelly: Here’s the link to the Red Beans and Rice I made, it’s a vegetarian version.  I generally opt for vegetarian recipes when possible.

Sarah: Thanks for the breakdown.  I don’t know that I would ever pick up a Nicholas Sparks novel, I have a sort of hubris about what I read (but apparently none at all on what I’ll watch).  It’s funny you should mention Ayn Rand.  Atlas Shrugged was my summer reading last year, which felt like an epic experience.  I have The Fountainhead on my bookshelf and almost picked it up this weekend when I finished my last book but decided I needed just a bit more time before another capitalist manifesto.

I wasn’t all that creative with dinner, I have leftover rice and beans that I needed to knock off because I’m going out of town tomorrow so it was basically just left overs.



Leftover red beans and rice with shrimp & string beans