It’s a new month and I couldn’t be more excited about that.  My March resolutions were pretty much a complete bust.  March just wasn’t a good month, but it’s over now and time to regroup and refocus on some brand new resolutions. This month it’s time to get my tush in gear and organize a bit.

  1. Organize a work schedule. Here’s the problem with working from home: there’s no end to the day and there’s always more to get done. I end up going to bed super late so that I can get just one more thing done then one more thing and wait, just one more, and then I end up getting up much later than I’m used to.  I need to establish not only working hours, but a schedule of when I’m working on which project. 
  2. Refocus on my personal blogs.  The last month has made it pretty rough keeping up with my non food entries for The Kim Challenge, and any posts whatsoever for Forkful of News.  All of this will probably need to fold into my goal of organizing a work schedule.
  3. Rethinking my eating patterns.  Healthy eating has been my main goal, but sometimes I think it’s important to shake things up and refocus.  I also think that feeling slightly out of control in regard to my work priorities has translated to my eating habits.  Starting today I’m going to a nutritionist every other week.  I’m not quite sure what her philosophy will be, but I’m certainly looking forward to some outside perspective.
  4. Upping my mileage.  I’m not going to keep going with the fitness challenge I started last month, I think I’ve got a bit too much on my plate, but I still want to keep those goals in mind in my fitness routine.  I want to work on upping my running mileage and moving it outside more (the treadmill is so darn comfy), keep on keepin’ on in regard to my new ab class regimen and focus more on flexibility (which I so didn’t do this month).
  5. Not eat bread during Passover.  Passover, my least favorite time of year, starts on April 8th and I always sort of think of it as a test of will.  My goal is to just get through it without eating anything that rises: bread, legumes, corn, etc, and anything derived from those products which means no beer, no corn syrup, etc.  It’s actually a good way to get back to clean eating.

My resolutions this month are a little more ambitious that I usually go for.  I usually pick a couple hard ones and a couple fun ones, but I think because my life has changed a lot in the last few months it’s really time for me to start focusing on reworking my life around those new expectations.

I’ve shown you mine.  What are your April resolutions?