Why are all Nicholas Sparks based movies set out specifically designed for maximum tear output?  This weekend my roommate and I watched Unfaithful (not Nicholas Sparks),which I originally saw in the movie theatre with my mother.  That was awkward.  My mom’s always been one of those nothing is taboo types, but I still don’t want to watch people geher.  But, that got me thinking that Richard Gere and Diane Lane are quite the handsome couple.  So, I Netflixed (btw, I love that ‘netflixed’ is now a legitimate verb) Nights in Rodanthe which is a Nicholas Sparks story.  First of all I thought it was mediocre, secondly, regardless of it’s mediocrity it was still a tear jerker.  I felt emotionally used.  Also, uhh, I’ve decided I’d like to grow up to be a combination of Diane Lane and Tina Fey.  Do we think that’s possible? 

Dave is still gardening.  I’m never getting to the gym.



Salad w/lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado and tuna
lite vinaigrette