Actually I’m pretty sure the expression should be piece out, not peace out, as in ‘Yo, get yo piece out!’  But, peace seems much nicer than piece.  Either way I’m glad it’s no longer March, or will no longer be March in approximately 13 hours.  March wasn’t my best month.  In fact it was pretty craptastic, but I have good feelings about April, minus the existence of Passover which I consider a culturally mandated adventure in low carb dieting.  Not that I’m at all into Astrology (but, yeah I totally am) but the site I read my monthly horoscope on said that March would suck bigtime, and it did, and it said that April would be good (at least career wise) so I’m hoping that’s the case. 

Speaking of career wise, since it’s the last day of March I need to pump out a few more columns today so that I can bill for them.  I bill for my work at the end of every month, and sometimes it can take up to another month to receive payment so, yeah, it’s best to get in as much as possible before the first of the month, otherwise who knows when I’m going to get paid.

Tomorrow I’ll list my April resolutions which means I should totally come up with some.  As for my Fitness Challenge-I kept up with my desire to do more ab work, but the whole running outside thing didn’t pan out (it was really cold this month) nor did the stretching.  Sometimes I’m not as awesome as I set out to be.

I have a friend coming over to garden in my backyard.  I have this amazing backyard in the middle of Brooklyn and I have no idea what to do with it.  My old roommate, Danny, used to garden and grow all sorts of awesome herbs and flowers, and vegetables.  And now, my friend Dave, who apparently was jonesing for a place to make things grow is going to do the gardening this year.  Who knew guys were so into gardening?  All this to say that I probably won’t hit the gym during the day today, since it would be rude to leave while he’s here making my backyard pretty.  I may do a yoga DVD or just wait to hit the gym tonight.



Kashi Strawberry Fields Cereal w/1% milk
1/2 Grapefruit
Coffee w/Stevia and 1% milk