My butt fell asleep spinning.  I feel like that’s virtually impossible.  I’m going to have to rethink my class going schedule. Monday night spin just isn’t going to work anymore.  I really want to like the Monday night spin instructor but she’s just really bad. My heart rate didn’t even go over 100 bpm till midway through class because the first half of class was just a moderate seated flat road.  Also, she plays a lot of ballads, ballads from the 80s, which doesn’t really motivate.  There was actually a point midway through, when my butt fell asleep, that I wanted to walk out.  Which I didn’t because that would have been disrespectful, but seriously I’ve never been so bored in an aerobics class.  Okay, I just needed to vent that one.

Hannah: I used a blend of berries from Trader Joe’s.  I think it’s got everything but the kitchen sink in there: cherries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries.

I seemed to have confused genres in my dinner making endeavor tonight.  Southwest and Cajun.  Heck, they’re both southern.  So, I marinated a chicken breast in lemon, cumin and chili and ate it with avocado and salsa (although the marinade was tasty enough that it didn’t need any accoutrement).  Then I made red beans and rice to go with it.  It was a culturally confusing dinner.



Grilled chicken breast w/avocado and salsa
Red Beans and Rice