I was just watching a commercial for some diet pill and they showed a before picture of this woman (click link to see picture) where she says that she just felt like giving up and being fat forever.  Uhh, she doesn’t really look fat to me.  I wish that I could shake the world and tell them that there’s an in between.  Not being skinny does not automatically equate to being fat.  There’s a whole mid-range of people that I think are totally confused as to where they fit in.  I think I’m one of them.  I think anyone who isn’t at either end of the spectrum is one of them.  Unfortunately, it seems to me that our society says that everything is black and white and that you’re either skinny or fat and if you’re not skinny you must be fat.  AND,  why is there always blame associated with every body type?  There’s just as much pressure for naturally lean women to have curves as there is for curvier women to be lean.  Very few people have it all, naturally that is.  Ugh, all this today that I don’t like the Xenadrin commercial.

Having spewed that off my chest:



Whole Grain Bread with 1% Cottage Cheese and Tomato
Greek Salad w/lettuce, tomato, cucumber, feta, kalamata olives, red onion and oil & vinegar