I usually don’t blog the weekends but I’m feeling like I need a bit more focus these days. 

 I didn’t photograph my dinner last night; it was half a soggy turkey wrap at my alumni networking event.  The event wasn’t quite what I was expecting.  It was actually a mixture of alum and upcoming grads.  Instead of networking myself I ended up talking to a group of students about what it’s like to be a freelance writer, how to get jobs, what to charge for them, etc.  Tory Johnson, who you may have seen on TV a few times, the CEO of Women For Hire, is an alum and was the speaker that night.  She gave some really good advice, albiet advice I’d already heard before (probably from her, when I was a student), but made some good points for these soon-to-be new grads.  It’s a rough time to be entering the job market for the first time.  There are 12 million Americans out of work, and many of them are willing to suck it up and take those entry level jobs that new grads would generally be prime for.  It’s all about marketing yourself.  I was talking to one girl who majored in communication disorders (speech pathology, etc. ) and minored in journalism, but she’s pretty sure she just wants to work in the magazine industry.  I tried to be gentle about the fact that the magazine industry is terrible right now, that most of the major magazine companies have laid off mass amounts of employees, and most of the smaller publishers have folded. Her communication disorders major could actually be a lucrative field right now, so I sort of urged her to explore freelance writing projects for the time being but to see where her major could take her right now.  I don’t want to squash anyone’s dreams, but I don’t want these kids to leave school thinking that a great job will just fall in their laps.  It took me nine months after graduating to get a “real” job, and mostly I worked as a waitress and hostess as I sent resumes and made follow up calls, and then was a much better time financially than it is now.  It was nice to see the newest generation of Emersonians though, I loved college.

Today is a work day.  I have a conference call with my editor.  We’re talking about changing my beat for CBS from Brooklyn to health and fitness, which I would much prefer.  I also want to get a start on entries for this week and do some book stuff.  I may hit the gym for a quick run this afternoon before I meet up with some friends for dinner.



Coffee w/Stevia & 1% milk
2 egg omelet with 1/2 avocado and tomato
Whole Wheat English Muffin w/ 1 Tbsp. Strawberry preserves