I’m watching Martha Stewart right now and Jerry O’Connell is on, apparently he and Rebecca Romajn just had twin girls.  It’s funny because he’s so super hyper and excited everytime he talks about his babies.  It’s really cute.  There’s something freakishly adorable about new dad’s.  My dad (who is the dude of all dudes and didn’t ever want kids), according to my mother would just stand in my room waiting for me to wake up so he could play with me when I was a baby.  He also apparently bought me my favorite skirt as a little girl and the image of my dad (who sort of resembles a mix of Jerry Garcia and George Carlin) in a department store surrounded by little girls clothes is pretty hilarious. 

Today, as I mentioned yesterday, is most definitely my day off from the gym. My lower body is super tight and sore and needs a break.  I think I’m going to hit up one of the city colleges admissions departments and talk to them about taking some postback science courses so that I can eventually get my masters in nutrition.  I’m sort of anti-going back to school because I really hate debt and I’m sort of anal about paying off bills and credit cards and hate owing money but I figure it’s best to cover my bases right now.

Kazoo: That’s actually a pretty great idea for a blog.  Perhaps when I finally get my act together juggling all the writing I’m doing now I’ll start a working from home advice blog.   You have a great perspective, it’s really important to focus on all the great aspects of working from home (like the ability to watch Martha Stewart and type at the same time.) Thanks for the reminder!

Lofe: The great thing about ODing on oranges is that there’s very little guilt involved.  Citrus Binge away!

Aline: Good luck on the search front.



2 eggs (one sunny-side up/one over easy-it just wouldn’t cook through)
2 slices of whole grain bread w/1.5 tsp of butter
Coffee w/1% milk and Stevia