Tomorrow is definitely my day off from the gym.  I’m sore and my body is really cranky right now.  Which is kind of nice, I’ve stayed in a comfort zone for way too long, it’s good to feel like I’m doing a little to shake up my muscle memory. 

Other than my spin class my plan for today didn’t exactly go as planned.  I ended up not discovering the meaning of life and or finding a way to spur creative genius instantaneously.  I did however catch up on a bunch of emails that I was being tardy on, watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’,  and getting a manicure.  What? A girl needs to feel pretty once and a while. 



Veggie burger w/avocado & BBQ sauce on whole wheat English muffin



Kashi Strawberry Field cereal w/1% milk
Whole grain bread w/ PB & J