Did you guys know that today is “take your lunch to work day?”  Well, if you’re reading this now; it’s probably too late.  And if you’re like me and your day revolves which side of the couch to sit on, well then I guess lunch isn’t that big a deal.  I have to say that I really miss the structured eating schedule of going to an office everyday.  I’m definitely one of those people that thrives on schedules-which my couch does not supply me with, apparently. 

Speaking of my couch: I will be getting off the couch momentarily to hit my 12:30 spin class which is followed by a half hour of abs.  I’m trying to get my ass in gear.  I really am.  Ohh, yeah, my ass…my tush is feeling a bit on the sore side from last night’s class.  I guess all those tendus, arabesques, and ronds de jambes pack some punch.  After class I’m dedicating the rest of the day to writing/researching and putting together a writing game plan.  I’m not exactly living up to my 6-10 posts a day quota from CBS Radio and in order for this to be a self sustaining job I need to get myself motivated/organized and uber interesting.

Ace: I’m glad I’m not alone in this one.  Good luck!



2% Greek yogurt w/honey, almonds and banana
Coffee w/1% milk and Stevia