OMG!  Okay, uncomfortable moment.  So…tonight I took Barre Assets class at Crunch (here’s my review) and I was talking to the instructor beforehand.  She was all sorts of pretty and outgoing and made Goucho pants look good and we were talking about how I usually review exercise videos and she asked me if I’ve ever reviewed any of hers.  And I started to think that she looked familiar.  Then she said she was the instructor in Crunch’s Latin Groove’s DVD (among others) and then it clicked.  I panned that DVD on Elastic Waist.  In fact it was one of my meanest reviews ever.  Oops.  The good news is that I really liked her as an instructor in real life.  The bad news is that I may have lied and said I couldn’t remember what I wrote about.  Awkward.

Anyhoo, the class made me all sorts of nostalgic about dancing.  It was such a huge part of my life for so long (I mentioned this on Elastic Waist once or twice), but I had a really bad hip injury and had to give it up.  I’d be lying if I said it didn’t tempt me to sign up for an adult ballet class.

Hannah: Rock on with your peanut butter eating self.  I’m not sure if they’re making a DVD, but knowing Crunch they will.  They come out with a new DVD every couple of minutes.  Which I’m not complaining about-I generally like their DVDs.

M: Oooh, interesting.  I’ll have to hit up a bookstore tomorrow and flip through Vogue.  I’m still not ready to buy any Conde Nast magazines but I’ll certainly go to their websites and read them in waiting rooms, it’s not that I’m holding a grudge, it’s just still a fresh wound.

Rene: Good luck shopping.  You’re adorable so I’m sure you’re cute in anything  you find (I’ve seen pictures of you on your blog).



Greek salad w/Chicken: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, kalamata olives, feta cheese,
red oinion, grilled chicken, olive oil & vinegar



Decaf Green Tea & Graham Crackers (seriously, I’m obsessed)