I definitely rolled around in bed all morning thinking it was Saturday.  Not that my life is so different on Wednesdays than it is on Saturdays but I want to get some work done.  Then I woke up and was like “Kim, it is very much a week day, get your shite together.”  And now I’m up gearing up to hit the streets for something awesome to write about. 

Speaking of writing.  Last night was my last writing class and we spent the whole class talking about the process, agents, publishers, book deals.  It’s honestly amazing how little money you make to write a book.  It almost doesn’t seem worth it.  It is a great cache to attach to your name though and definitely leaves one with a feeling of legitimacy.  I do feel like I’ve got a solid start on my book and I’m taking my next round of classes in two weeks, this time aimed more at selling the book.

Tonight I’m testing out a Barre Assets class at Crunch to review for Social Workout. It’s been many, many years since I was anywhere near a ballet bar-this should be laughable.



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