I am a master procrastinator, but I’m about to brew me a big pot o’coffee and get down to work for tonight to get my last assignment for my writing class in.  My writing class ends tomorrow and I’m really glad I took it, I think it really helped me organize my thoughts and help me make a serious game plan for getting this book together.  However, I think it also scared the bejebus out of because I’m starting to realize just how much of this book is based in research and how much work is going to go into this.  I’m starting a book proposal class mid-April, which will help me put together the packet that will hopefully help me sell the book before I have to write the whole thing.  All these classes are uber expensive but I figure if it helps me to make this dream a reality then the money is well worth it.

ML: I haven’t tried the edamame hummus yet but it sounds amazing!

Kazoo: Ooh, I haven’t seen the vegan chorizo, but I’ve had their began breakfast sausage.  Delish.  I’l have to keep an eye out for that next trip.

Lara: If we channel each others eating habits too much our blogs will start looking alike!

I really have nothing left to keep me from work; I’ve eaten dinner, I’ve been to the gym, and there’s nothing on TV.  It looks like it’s time to roll up my sleaves and get to work.



Lite Cheddar Cheese Stick



Veggie burger w/BBQ sauce on a whole wheat English muffin
String beans