Okay, I need to get out and about. I need to leave my apartment for places other than coffee shops and the gym.  I need to know what’s going on in my ‘hood (especially because it’s now my job to write about it.)  I’ve been focusing on saving money which means that I’ve resorted to a hermit like condition but that all needs to stop.  I’m going shopping today.  Perhaps only window shopping, but shopping nonetheless.  My neighborhood is all sorts of trendy with cute little boutiques all over the place.  Today, I’m hitting the streets.  After I hit the gym and take a shower-priorities.

Today is running and strength training on my fitness calendar.  I can honestly say that I can see the difference in my abs after just a few weeks of regular ab classes.  I don’t know why I’m forever fascinated by the effectiveness of exercise.



Oatmeal made w/oatmilk
banana & almond slivers
iced coffee w/ stevia and 1% milk