I feel like I learn a little more about taking care of myself every day.  This weekend I was feeling all sorts of pressured and mentally fried so I did something that seemed totally bizarre to me; I took the weekend off.  Well most of it anyway, most of Sunday was spent doing social research for my book.  But, Saturday, I slept in, I hung out with friends, I went to a comedy show, out for drinks (of which I only had a beer-I drank too much on Friday and didn’t want to repeat) then out dancing.  It was good to pretend that I’m a human being once and a while and amazingly I totally feel ready to get back to work and like constructive thinking is possible.  I even took an hour yesterday to read a book just for the sake of reading as opposed to the career advancement or research heavy books that usual take over my bookshelves.

I’m starting my day with a trip to Trader Joe’s because as per usual I’ve eaten myself out of food stores and really need to stock up for the next week or so, then it’s back home and back to writing.  I’m taking a spin class and an abs class tonight, but I may break up my work this afternoon with a yoga DVD just to give the ole noggin’ a bit of down time.


This was way too sweet, I only ate half:
FiberOne Harvest Clusters with Oat Milk