Well, let’s just say that the drinking didn’t end with lunch.  Post lunch Sarah and I met up with her fiance for drinks, three rounds were ordered without me ever really noticing, then we decided we’d all go back to their place, play some wii have dinner and drink some wine.  You know it’s Spring when the boozing starts.  I hardly ever drink in the colder months, but it always seems that as soon as it gets a bit warmer all my socializing involves alcohol. 

All in all in was a lot of wine, but it was also a really great day hanging out with really great people and I’m totally psyched that it’s Spring and that my social life may once again be vibrant.  Tomorrow I’m going to see a movie with some friends, then dinner then out to bar.  I think I may stick with a diet coke though.  My body needs a bit of a break after todays festivities.



Sarah whipped up a stellar dinner of pork and potatoes.