Last night I didn’t take pictures of my dinner because I was at a wine & cheese networking event.  I skipped the wine and went straight for the diet Dr. Pepper, wine is something I can have anytime, but for some reason the bodegas near my apartment only carry diet coke or pepsi, so the Dr. Pepper was a luxury.  Oh and I had some cheese and crackers but not too many.  It’s hard to network with your mouth full of brie.  Everyone at the event was in a very different field than I or just got laid off.  That doesn’t help me much but I had fun.  Afterward I went out to bar with some friends and continued my non-photographed feasting of 2-Bud Lights.  I’m a classy broad, I don’t care what they say about me.

I’m making ammends for last night by doing it right in the wine and cheese department.  I asked another blogger over for a lunch that would constitute of drinking too much wine, brie and a baguette.  I like to pretend I live a whimisical and romantic life, when in reality I just like cheese and fermented grape juice.

Nolafwug: OMG, Nutella is the devil.  Sooo good.

I’m not sure what the workout deal is today, I’m scheduled to run and strength train, but I think I may not be able to actually get to the gym, so a DVD might have to suffice.  After my wine and cheese debauchery I may be heading out of town to go to a friends mother’s Pampered Chef party.  Normally I wouldn’t spend the money or the time to go to a house party where I have to buy something but she’s doing my taxes so I feel somewhat obligated.  Oh guilt, how you plague me.



Oatmeal made with oatmilk (how oatie!) and cinnamon
Almond slivers
Coffee w/1% milk and Stevia