It’s gotten to the point where in an hour long spin class I hardly break 300 calories burned, I used to burn almost double that.  I’m constantly cranking the resistance, but I think my body is so used to spinning that it just sort of goes with the flow.  Running however does get my heart rate up, that and the gauntlet (aka the strairmill).  I should start looking into other aerobics based classes.  I can rock a step DVD at home, but everytime I take a step class I look like I’ve just recently learned to walk.  Methinks it’s time to go over my gyms class schedule with a fine tooth comb.

My abs class on the other and proved to be challenging.  The good thing is that I’m no longer intimidated to do ab work in public.  Turns out; everyone looks just as spastic as I do in abs classes.  Hoorah!

My plan to wander around Brooklyn post gym did not happen, it’s freezing and raining and I decided I like myself way too much to subject me to windy, rainy, coldness.



Leftover chicken, broccoli and rice.