I don’t know where this new found love of graham crackers came from, but real food seems less interesting and graham crackers feel like a well rounded food-obviously I’m still in comfort food zone. 

Today I’ve got a spin class and an abs class from 12:30-2.  I think afterward I’m going to walk around my neighborhood just so I no longer feel like a recluse.   Afterward I’ve got some work to catch up on and some make up to apply.  Tonight I’m going to a Young Adults Wine and Cheese networking night.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been called a young adult, I always thought the term “young adult” was some time in your teenage years.  I just signed up for another networking event  next week through my college alumni association.  Just because I’ve got my hand in lots of little pots right now, doesn’t mean I trust the economy for one second and am all about the networking.  Plus, it could be a good way to just make new friends.



Graham crackers & 1/2 orange
Coffee w/stevia and 1% milk