This week has been a pretty big week in the world of me blogging, which has meant, unfortunately that my personal blogs, both The Kim Challenge and Forkful of News have sort of gone on the back burner.  I certainly don’t intend for that to be permanent, just a side effect of getting accustomed to a new type of working schedule.  In addition to blogging for CBS Radio’s new New York station, I’m also blogging for a new fitness website that launched today, after months of prep work, there I will be reviewing exercise DVDs (don’t worry, I’ll keep doing them here as well), exercise classes, and diet/fitness books.  The website is called Social Workout, and if your fitness obsessed, it’s quite addicting. 

Hannah: Oat milk is similar to almond milk in consistency.  I bit thicker than regular milk, which is why I like it for smoothies. It has 4 grams of protein per serving and 2.5 grahams of fat, 2 grams of dietary fiber and 130 calories.  Taste-wise, it’s kind of like drinking an oatmeal cookie.

I realized that I don’t actually have much in the fresh food department in my house, and felt like I actually need a well balanced meal, so takeout it was.  I’m always up for Chinese takeout, but that doesn’t mean I let it be an excuse to be unhealthy.



Steamed chicken and broccoli
White rice (they didn’t have brown)
Garlic sauce on the side
The order was a bit on the large side, so I split it in half and put the rest in the fridge for tomorrow