Hi Kindergarten, I’m Kim, can I come in?  Oooh, snacks.

Okay, well, apparently I’m in need of comfort food, which I realized as I was scrounging around my fridge and cupboards for lunch (I’m not all that hungry, but it’s 4pm, it seems like I should need to eat by now).  All I could comprehend eating right now is a something peanutbuttery or chocolatey and definitely carby.  I’m kind of stressed, I’m starting to worry that I just won’t have enough to write about (especially when my editor combines multiple posts into one), and I get paid on a per post rate. Eek.  This has to get a bit easier on time. I’m just feeling a freaked out right now.

In an effort to treat my need for comfort foods, with some semblance of adult eating a made a smoothie.  Which isn’t all that mature, I sort of consider smoothie’s a more meal acceptable form of milk shake.


Smoothie made with oat milk, frozen banana, peanut butter and organic chocolate syrup.
Whole grain toast with strawberry preserves.