I slept till 11.  Whoa.  That is so not like me, but somehow I knew going to bed last night that I needed some down time.  I swear the later it gets at night the less capable I am of thinking clearly.  Yesterday was a bit crazy and I neglected my food pictures and blogging in an effort to get in the lunches, conference calls and class time I needed.  Let’s just say I had a Starbucks Vivanno smoothie for dinner (I needed something I could drink during class), and came home late, starving and made ramen soup because it was quick and I needed a bit of comfort food.  Today is a new day, a late day but new, nonetheless and I need to get cracking on my NOW writing.  Oh, my stuff is up!  Check it out on 92.3 NOWs website.  Obviously if you don’t live in the New York area pretty much everything I’m writing for them is bunk to you.

Today is my day away from the gym (I’m actually kind of impressed that I fit it in yesterday), that doesn’t mean I won’t be working out though.  I’ve got an exercise DVD scheduled.  I’ll get back to the reviews as soon as I figure out my schedule and how to make it all work like clockwork.

Here’s breakast:



Whole wheat mini bagel with peanut butter
1/2 orange
Coffee w/1% milk and stevia