No, really I am.  I’m only a quarter Irish, but I think it counts.  I make a mean corned beef and cabbage, and can curse in Gaelic (thanks Dad!), which I think makes me Irish enough to claim St. Patty’s Day as a personal holiday.

I just finished my writing assignment.  I did exactly what I said I wasn’t going to do.  I drank a red bull then went to sleep, then got up super early and finished my work.  I guess old habits really are hard to break.  Now, I need to get started on my Brooklyn based writing assignments, although I’m really  not sure what’s going on with the editing, approval and posting process.  It could be that all this work is in vane, as  nothing I’ve written has actually been posted as of yet.  Hmmm.

I want to hit the gym for a run and strength training early on because I have a lunch date with an ex-coworker and since I’ll already be in Manhattan I’ll probably stay there till class time at 6:45.

Eat some Irish Soda Bread for me!



Scrambled Eggs (2)
Whole Grain Bread
Green Tea