I once heard an interview with Mia Farrow, who said something that always stuck with me: “Life is about losing as gracefully as possible.”  I think about that a lot, not in the defeatist sense, but that sometimes things in life don’t work, but that doesn’t mean they were worthless.  When I first got the job doing The Daily Special a friend of mine asked if I was “so, unbelievably happy” and I said, that I was happy but what I really wanted more than anything else was to appreciate every single moment of this time because I knew it wouldn’t last forever (and it didn’t.)  They told me I was depressing, but to me being able to appreciate things  for what they are, when they are is really the key to happiness.  Very few things in life are forever, but there are a lot of really special times in between.  Thanks for all your support and well wishes last week.  I’ll be fine.

Today, is one of those no time to be anything other than productive days.  I have to finish writing a chapter of my book before class tomorrow, which I’ve started but am by no means anywhere near finished with.  I’m also officially writing for CBS Radio’s 92.3 NOW FM and am trying to complete my 6-10 post a day requirement.  Am I interesting enough to be the voice of Brooklyn: we shall see.  And of course, I need to do some life maintanance stuff, like laundry that hasn’t been done since before Israel-I may just have to buy new underwear if this doesn’t get done soon.  There are spin and abs classes on my roster for tonight, but that’s a while away and my goal as of right now is to see how much I can get done before I slip on my spandex.



Coffee w/1% milk and graham crackers
Admittedly not the healthiest breakfast, it happens.