My abs called.  They’re breaking up with me.  I’d like to say it was a mutual decision, but really, I think I asked too much too soon.  I’m hoping that in a couple of days, when the dust settles and the soreness subsides we can reconcile.  I’m just not ready to live my life without them.

My spin class was sort of underwhelming.  My heart rate never got above 65% of my max, which I understand is about endurance training, but it still makes me feel like I’m being lazy.  Where my spin class failed my abs class picked of the slack.  I was sore before I even left class.  My next abs class is on Saturday-hopefully the soreness will be manageable by then.  That time off from the gym really felt longer than a couple of weeks.

I have to run and go fax my contract to the powers that be at CBS. I assume I start writing next week.  Eek.  I have so much I need to get done in the meantime.  I want to be ahead on the work due for my book writing class so that I can take my time adjusting to my new schedule. 



Salad w/Lettuce, cucumber, mandarin orange slices, beets, feta, almond
olive oil & vinegar

I’m having dinner with a friend and her family tonight-so the dinner update may be late or up tomorrow.  In the mean time, I may send flowers to my ab muscles and hope they forgive me.