I had always heard growing up that your taste buds change every seven years.  So, if you didn’t like spinach as a kid, you might end up liking it as a teenager, or adult.  I always thought it was sort of a load of hooey.  But, I was wrong it seems.  There is actually a science behind this little bud of wisdom. 

Every 5-7 years your taste buds are replaced.  Why?  Because the old ones die.  The nerve endings are worn out as well as the buds themselves and they need to be replaced.  Apparently the whole bud replacement phenomenon takes approximately 6 months, then voila brand new taste buds.

What got me thinking and researching this lil truism?  Lemon cookies.  I’ve never particularly liked citrus fruit flavored anything, even citrus fruits themselves never ranked high on my list of go to foods.  Starting last year I became obsessed with grapefruit.  Love to eat it, love to smell it, love, love love it.  Then, last November, for my friends birthday we went out for High Tea.  Along with our scones, finger sandwiches and tea cookies came individual lemon meringue pies.  I’m just going to say that at any other point in my life I would have looked at it’s bright yellowyness and probably thrown up a little in my mouth, but this time I gave it a shot and it was really really good.  In fact I thought about it for days.  Hell, I’m still thinking about it.

Then this past weekend, a friend of mine bought some lemon flavored girl scout cookies and they were pretty fantastic.  I’m no stranger to lemon cookies, my mom makes them every holiday season, and every holiday season I whine that there aren’t enough chocolate and she knows I hate the lemon cookies and wahh, wahh, woe is me, I need more cookies.

I’m pretty sure it’s not necessarily a good thing that I’ve discovered a new fangled love for lemon flavored desserts, but it did get me thinking about all the foods I’ve always hated, and perhaps I should give them a second chance.  Except onion rings, I still think they’re gross, oh and corn, yeah I don’t like corn.  Okay, so no, maybe I’m not ready to go hog wild on my “previously hated foods” list, but I feel slightly empowered knowing I’ve acquired a taste for something new and that there’s actually some legitimate science behind it.

Have you guys experienced this phenomenon?  Once hating a food then loving it?