I admit it, I kind of like the hustle bustle of being totally and completely stressed out.  I never said I was striving for optimal mental health, just physical.  Super big yay that in the next few days my life is about to explode all over the place.  (I’m perfectly aware that I should probably work on my ability to function in society without being totally and completely stressed out.)  I woke up this morning went over my new writing contract, worked on some spec columns, finished up a column for a new fitness website I’ll be writing for once it’s officially launched (all announce it once I’m convinced it’s real), and continued to freak out about all the little things I’m forgetting to do on a regular basis.  I FEEL LIKE I’M ME AGAIN!

And, just to get back into the super chaotic groove that is being Kimberly Rae Miller, I went to the gym, went for a run, did some strength training and stretched. 

I’m not entirely sure what my writing schedule will look like in the coming days, it may take me a few weeks to find my groove in balancing writing for multiple sites professionally, multiple sites personally, and working on the book.  I’m not sure I’m interesting enough to handle this constant spewing of my thought process.

Here’s the food:



FiberOne Harvest Clusters with Strawberries
1% milk
Orange Juice



Vegetable Soup
Pumpernickel with cottage cheese and tomato