We all have a different code of rules that are ingrained in us whether we know it or not.  Little truths or rules that we live by each and everyday.  Mostly, I think those come more from our life experiences than anything we’re taught in golden books or Disney movies.  I’ve been thinking a lot about those, the little things that are second nature to me, the things that make me, me.  A lot of them have to do with the way I see food, because figuring out how to not hate food and not hate myself for liking to eat has been a big part of my life.  But, there are a lot of life truisms I’ve realized.

Food, Diet and Life Rules I live by…

  1. Accept and appreciate your body for what it is today, not what it was, not what it will be in 6 months, but for the strong, beautiful, awesome body you have right now.  My mom told me early on that you couldn’t change yourself before really loving yourself first and it wasn’t until I got older and stopped trying to live up to the unrealistic expectations I put on myself that I really understood what she meant by that.
  2. Don’t worry what other people think of you-most people are way to self-absorbed to even notice the minutiae of your daily life.  Live by your own rules, people are more likely to look up to you for taking chances than judge you for not being just like everyone else.
  3. Love yourself naked.  If you’re naked with someone there’s absolutely nothing to be self conscious about-they want to be there.  Unless of course you’re barging into people’s homes taking off your skivvies and getting all up in their personal space-in which case you probably aren’t all that self conscious to begin with.
  4. Take out means takeout, not delivery.  If I’m going to take the easy way out, I’m not going to be all that easy, I at least need to walk to the restaurant to order it, and sometimes sneak a peak at how they make it, then walk myself back home.
  5. Never eat anything “Fat Free.”  I eat lots of things that are sans fat, but nothing that advertises it in big bold lettering. There’s nothing healthy about processed foods.
  6. There’s no such thing as “cheating” unless you’re taking a test or macking it with someone other than your significant other.  There’s only eating.  Food isn’t evil, regardless of it’s fat, sugar or carb count-it’s all food meant to nourish you.  If you eat something less than ideal in regard the food pyramid, remember-it’s still only food.
  7. No Doggy Bags.  If I go out chances are I’m going to indulge in something I can’t make at home.  Steamed chicken and vegetables are definitely things I can rock on my own-so that’s when I’ll have them.  I don’t take the indulgences home with me though.  Whatever’s left over, stays left over.
  8. It’s not what you have; it’s who you have.  When I was a kid my house burned down and my family lost everything they owned.  My parent’s strength in rebuilding their lives after everything they worked to build their life upon was lost instilled in me a deep understanding of what the important things in life are-your people.
  9. Don’t bail.  Be where you say you’re going to be.  Do what you say you’re going  to do.
  10. Everyone can be amazing.  There are so many people out there that do remarkable things.  As far as I’m concerned, we’re all capable of the same things.  It’s all about figuring out the steps to get there, deciding if they’re worth it, and putting the work in.

Like I said, these are things I live by, they may not be true for everyone, and I do believe there are lots of things that we read or hear but can’t really understand till we live through the lessons life has to offer.  At this point in my life this is a little of what drives me, but I know that there’s so much more to learn that will only come from experience.  I do, however, think that I have some of the wisest most grounded readers on the planet and would love to hear your little words of wisdom, if you’re willing to share…