Okay, so I’m still on Long Island, which was not the plan.  In fact it puts a giant kink in my to-do list-I’m pretty sure I’ll survive though.  One of my closest friends had a health scare yesterday and was in the hospital, everything ended up being okay, but I didn’t want to go back to the city without knowing everything was fine.  So, I stayed a bit longer than anticipated.

I’ll help with a little Spring cleaning here today and head back to my real life tomorrow.  I’ll get some exercise in though, I keep an arsinal of DVDs here just for this reason.

My girls night sleepover went very well.  Junk food, Love Actually playing in the background and some really sweet cards asking if we’ll be in our friend’s bridal party.  Yay, I’m a bridesmaid.  Our dress may actually be fuscia, and I’m actually pretty psyched about it.  How fun is a hot pink cocktail dress!



Oatmeal w/1 tsp. brown sugar, cinnamon and banana
Coffee w/half & half