I admit that I may have been a evil-demon-beast when I woke up this morning and realized I was completely cut off from my responsibilities and my most primary form of communication, a working computer.  But in the end it ended up being a really refreshing thing to have a day completely devoid of my favorite electronic overlord.  I got up, made a nice breakfast, read a book, went to the gym and went out to Long Island where my new and improved computer laid in wait.  It was nice to not be able to do anything  work related for one day.  Refreshing really.  I think I’m going to make a mental note of this feeling and try to make it a general rule to have one day a week that I take off from stressing myself out.

That being said my brand new Compaq Presario is all sorts of new and spiffy, normal sized,  and cute and loaded with all my files and pictures I backed up when I realized Big Bertha (RIP) was not long for this world.  I feel like it’s all a brand new start.  Back in the US, new month, new computer, new job opportunities-the first week of March is looking mighty fine.

On a funnier note, I’d sort have been complaining to my mom on the phone that I’d gained some weight in Israel and that my skinny jeans now have a brand new muffin top to accompany them and the first words out of her mouth upon seeing me was “I can tell you’ve gained weight, your boobs are huge!”  Thanks mom.  Not a bad side effect, I must admit.

Tomorrow is Mom/Daughter day, we have some shopping to do.  The soles of my running shoes came off at the gym this morning.  Came off!  I’d known they were wearing a bit thin and was planning to hit up a running store soon to get fitted, but figured I could squeak a few more weeks out of them-guess not.  So sneakers are a priority and I’ll probably force Mom-o to do an exercise DVD with me. 

In the mean time I’ll try to maintain some semblance of healthy eating while I’m here (which I always intend to do, but never quite works out), here’s the line-up for today (and last night when my computer actually died).

Dinner 3.4


Vegetable Soup

Breakfast 3.5


FiberOne Harvest Cluster Cereal with strawberries & 1% milk
Orange Juice

Lunch 3.5

sd532468Salad: Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, chickpeas, beats
Lite Vinaigrette Dressing
Whole Grain Toast with low fat cottage cheese

Dinner 3.5


Did you know that Taco Bell has a Lent Menu?  Craziness.  The fam stopped south of the border for a dinner part 1
Cheese Quesadilla (which is just cheese and a tortilla-classy)


Mushroom Barley Soup

Hopefully I’ll be up and running tomorrow!