I love cooking mid-day because no one’s home.  It’s just me and my knives and pans and some good music.  I can be as messy as need be, can use as many useless gadgets as I want, blast the Food Network in the background and pretend I host my very own cooking show, all in the comfort of my tiny NYC apartment.  When my roommate is home around dinner time I generally prefer to fane normality.

For lunch today I decided on cooking up some of the beautiful asparagus I bought on Monday.  Asparagus is one of my favorite veggies but I was starting to realize I generally just steam it.  How very boring of me.  So instead of steaming it and dousing it with a bit of lemon juice and salt like  I normally would I decided to incorporate it into my entree.  For someone who loves cooking and writes two food blogs, I’ve noticed I tend to be a bit boring in my food choices-well I’m going to work on that, I need to shake things up a bit for me and for you!  Perhaps I need to break out some of the bazillion cook books I own.

Kim: Thank you so much!



Sauteed onion, asparagus, tomato over whole wheat spaghetti with freshly grated cheese