Yesterday was a struggle, to stay awake, to feel healthy, to be outside-because it was freezing.  I got home from class around 11pm, took a shot of Nyquil and woke up this morning feeling healthy again and like I’m in the right time zone.  Sleep and cough syrup are amazing things.  I also woke up starving so made myself a really filling breakfast complete with a homemade vanilla latte.  I have a blogging date with Sarah of Pink of Perfection today, but I’ll most likely hit the gym beforehand for a a run (I’m not sure I’ll be getting in any outdoor runs till the ice melts and since it’s 15 degrees today, that will not be today.)

I have a lot of writing to catch up on, both for my book, my blogs, and a couple of jobs that actually pay me (methinks those should probably be a priority).  Somehow when I was working two very structured jobs I had complete control over my schedule (albeit an almost disturbing lack of sleep), yet now that I make my own schedule I never feel like I’m in control or doing enough.  I think when you work for yourself it never feels like there’s an end to the day, so you feel guilty for every second of the day not spent working.  I think that’s part of the balance thing I’m resolving this month.

My computer is literally falling apart.  The screen is coming loose and goes completely black all the time, or just freezes.  So, if I’m more inconsistent than usual in my posting that’s probably why.  I ordered a new computer before I left for my trip and had it delivered to my parents house, I’ll pick it up this weekend and hopefully be smooth sailing in writing again.

Lara: When I say meatless, I mean nothing that had a mother.  So no fish or seafood.  I never really understood the idea that fish weren’t animals and are therefore vegetarian friendly.  They’re an animal and therefore meat in my mind.  I agree though, everyone has different opinions on what constitutes an “animal.”

Amy: Glad to see I wasn’t alone, I was really tempted to hit up a KFC at one point, but refrained.

Rene: Glad to see you back and taking time for yourself.

Kara: Thanks for the correction.  I’m usually much better at going back and proofing things (although sometimes not right away) but yesterday I was bordering on brain dead.  Much appreciated for catching that.

Jean: Thanks for the offer-I may just take you up on that.  I’ll email you in the next couple of days about it.

Ace: Thanks for reading, so glad you found me!

Dinner 3.3


Salad with lettuce, tomato, red wine vinegar, cucumbers, chickpeas, beets and cottage cheese

Breakfast 3.4


Sandwich: 2 eggs scrambled, tomato, whole grain toast


Latte with 1% milk with sugar free french vanilla syrup