Today is the birthday that could have been.  I always like to acknowledge that, perhaps it’s because I’m extremely self-important 🙂 My mother was due on March 3rd of 1983, unfortunately and pretty characteristically I got here a bit early, 3 months early to be exact.  Astrologically speaking I’m much more of a Capricorn than a Pisces so methinks everything turned out for the best.  I did however recieve quite the unbirthday present today.

In the mean time I still haven’t worked out, instead I napped, got up, wrote and am now reconsidering another nap.  I think 3pm with be my goal time for hitting the gym.  In the meantime I should probably brew some coffee.  I girl can’t sleep all day can she?

It’s another two-part meal post.  Apparently I’m hungry:





Vegetable soup
Hard boiled egg